Purpose of this website

 I did some work for Johnathan Dodds on his www.officesupplystore.com website.  After fixing some long standing bugs in his site www.officesupplystore.com over two weeks I billed him for 7 hours @ $30. He refused to pay the $210 bill, and said I was over charging him.  I had been very generous on my hours because he made promises of lots more work to come.

The purpose of the website is to inform anyone else that he approaches to work for him will hopefully Google his name and this site will come up.

I think he was trying to see how much development work I would do before he had to pay. So my guess is he gets developers to fix a few things wrong with his website from time to time and then stiffs them for the bill.


1/4/2011 - Out of the blue, an email from Johnathan's Wife Click Here

6/9/2010 - Johnanthan has a new website! Click Here

5/22/2010 - Johnathan posted to a local PHP Meetup group mailing list in seattle for help, rather then signing the email with his last name he used the name "Jack Goodson".  To bad his email client still put his name in the header.  Click Here The best part is it took only a few hours for someone on the list to figure out the deception and google "Johnathan Dodds" and find this site. Click Here

5/16/2010 - Got the police case file, what a fun read. Check it out for yourself. Click Here

5/11/2010 - So I got official word from the detective that the case is closed. Big surprise, Me +1 Johnathan Dodds 0.  I also stopped by Bellevue City Hall (really nice building), put in my request for the case files.  Hope to have them posted by next week.

5/6/2010 - Well after giving my statement to the Bellevue Detective yesterday I have heard second hand that the police closed the case. Not exactly sure what lies Johnathan Dodds accused me of. Since Johnathan Dodds upped the ante I got a lawyer today, said the website just needs not be fictitious and then its not liable. Which is hard to believe when you read Johnathan Dodds emails. My Lawyers name is Josh Fleishman @ 206.426.1314.

5/5/2010 - Got an email from Johnathan Dodds again, apparently he has opened a case, the number #10-4981 with a Lt. Sellers. Email Click Here

5/4/2010 - An email from the man himself, wants to settle up. If I only believed him. I love the part about a dead brother, really he will say anything. Click Here

5/3/2010 - I got an email from a bottling company sales person that Johnathan Dodds was a jackass to, here is the email thread between the two. Click Here

3/24/2010 - I received a phone call, Johnathan Dodds has been trying to join a group of friends/acquaintances on Mercer Island, WA.  I have a few emails from group members with his amazing claims. If you have had dealings with him send me info, contact info below.


This page is about Johnathan Dodds of Bellevue WA, Sorry to all the other Johnathan Dodds out there.


Has Johnathan Dodds (or OfficeSupplyStore.com) screwed you out of money, email me johnathanblows@johnathandodds.com  and let me know.